Who We Are 

We envision 

Inspirational Workshops provides youth and adults with effective self-help practices and a life-changing formula that will positively impact all aspects of their lives.

Identity Statement

We believe that continual personal development is essential to maximizing a person’s full potential.

We also believe that failure is an integral part of success, and understanding undesirable results and characteristics can lead to desirable results.


Our mission is to provide learning experiences, growth opportunities, and tools that will cultivate personal development for youth and adults, a life-learning attitude, and strengthen the abilities to set goals and achieve goals.

We work towards 

Individuals finding their life’s purpose through personal development, identifying strengths to capitalize on them, and identifying challenges to focus on improving.     

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Personal Development in Schools

Inspirational Workshops (IW) uses innovative ways to prepare high school students for success. IW promotes racial equity and personal development by providing students with series of interactive engaging youth development customized workshops, which leads all students to setting and accomplishing academic and personal goals.

Personal Development in the Workplace 

Inspirational Workshops (IW) gives employees the opportunity to explore and identify personal strengths, challenges, and obstacles. Through customized workshops, individuals will gain the tools to create a growth mindset in the workplace. Individuals will confront their authentic self and gain skills on how to create and maintain a positive personal and professional brand.

Life Coaching

Individual and group life coaching services are available to youth and young adults. Individuals will be provided with the mindset and the tools to empower them to turn their dreams and goals into reality.

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