My Story 

As a black youth in the Seattle public school (SPS) district, I was provided with a standardized curriculum that lacked the opportunity for me to explore my own strengths and creativity. I wasn’t embraced to believe that I could do more and be more - in school and beyond school. I suffered from this, and ended up perpetuating racial biases, becoming another high school drop out. Through hard work and grit, I have found my own path to success – college graduation and a fulfilling career helping others who experience similar struggles. My goal is to help individuals and groups find a path to their own success.


Theresa R. Hardy is passionate about giving people tools they need to be successful in their personal and professional world. She has traveled through life overcoming internal and external obstacles by using the tools offered in IW workshops and life coaching sessions. Theresa is dedicated to igniting the fire; contributing to individuals tapping into their untapped potential. She has worked with young women in the YWCA Central Family Emergency Housing, as well as staff and youth in Seattle Public Schools and Seattle University.

Theresa has earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in Interdisciplinary Social Science and Administrative Management at Central Washington University(CWU). She is currently working towards her Masters of Arts degree in Administrative Management at CWU.