Inspirational Workshops Services  

Inspirational Workshops provides a variety of personal development workshops for youth and adults, Youth Programing and Life Coaching!  

Cultivating Culture Workshop for Youth

In the Cultivating Culture Workshop youth will gain self- discovery and

self-worth. Youth will complete the workshop with a growth mind set attitude- promoting students to achieve goals.  Youth will develop and set goals - contributing to hope.

Youth will have tangible takeaways: road map, definite chief aim, vision board, academic and personal goals.

Youth will learn how to capitalize on their strengths and improve their weaknesses.

Cultivating Culture in the Work Place

In the Cultivating Culture Workshop individuals will gain the tools to create a growth mindset in the workplace and in life. Individuals will confront their authentic self and gain skills on how to create and maintain a positive personal and professional brand. 

The Empowered Black Youth 

In the Empowered Black Youth workshop, youth will gain confidence that will support them with navigating institutionalized  oppression. Youth will have the opportunity to explore liberating methods. Youth will learn self-advocacy.  Youth will complete the workshop with a positive self-image.  

Customized Workshops and Trainings 

What type of personal development would you like to provide youth and/or employees? We will work together to customize workshops, trainings, and programs that are specialized.   

Youth Programming 

Youth  will have  the opportunity to  engage in a series of personal develop workshops. Students will recieve stipends for completion of program, including the completion of their projects. Youth will attend career, college and fun field trips. Youth will gain and enhance soft skills, self-worth, self discovery and much more.  

Dear, White Teacher, Do You See Me?

In the Dear White Teacher, Do You See Me workshop, educators will have the opportunity to confront and recognize implicit biases. Educators will gain tools  to develop a culturally responsive curriculum and instruction. Educators will explore best communication practices when communicating with youth of color.  Educators will creatively explore microaggressions. This workshop is often co-facilitated by teenagers.   

Life Coaching Sessions 

Your first life coaching session is Free! IW life coaching sessions  are typically 60 minutes a month for 6-8 months. Life coaching clients will have the opportunity to explore their hopes, wants, dreams and make it their reality by creating action plans. Life coaching clients will have a life coach to hold them accountable and coach them in goal setting and the power of action behind goal setting. IW life coaching clients have guaranteed results! 

What our Life Coaching Clients are Saying

The benefits of life coaching with Theresa is definitely having a roadmap to get where you want to be and becoming organized. The second thing I would say is just accomplishing small goals, because that feels good. Then the last thing I would have to say would be just being able to have someone to talk to- to give you that advice to feel like somebody genuinely cares about you. 

Amanda Alvarado- Cleveland High school 9th Grade Support Team- YMCA Supervisor